We are a technology-driven company. Our business is to develop, produce, and market our SPREV solutions.

SPREV – Solar-Powered Roadways and Electric Vehicles - is a system level technology and solution that paves the roadways (driveways, sidewalks, yards and patios, bike paths, parking lots, and other road surfaces including highways) with photovoltaic materials. It turns Canada's roadways into a solar electricity generation facility, provides EVs (electric vehicles) with ubiquitous assess to this clean electricity, and revolutionizes the Canadian roadways infrastructure. 

We bring three main advantages to the industry: 1) Massive, sustainable, and clean energy generation without consuming extra arable land resources; One M2 of solar road would produce about 100-200 watts of clean electricity; A cross-country solar roadway system would produce far more electric power than hydro power could produce for Canada. 2) Ubiquitously accessible green energy for EVs and road services. 3) Upgraded smart and sustainable roads infrastructure with embedded sensing, networking, and control functions.

We strive to change the impression that people used to have on solar energy. We make it dependable, accessible, and affordable.
Meet The Team
  1. Phillips@mail.com
    Meng (Jason) Wang
    Founder and Chairman
    VP and Director for Research and Innovation, Thomson/Technicolor Greater China. Expertise on signal processing, semiconductor & materials, renewable energy, and highperformance systems.
  2. Phillips@mail.com
    Brian H. Johnson
    Co-Founder, Managing Director N.A
    Practicing Business and Intellectual Property Attorney, Alliance Lex Law Corporation Vancouver BC. Founder and President, Canadian Legal Television Network. President, Swimming Canada, Member Canadian Olympic Committee
  3. Phillips@mail.com
    Junbiao Zhang
    Co-Founder, Director, VP APAC
    General Manager, Thomson Broadband R&D Co. Ltd. Global VP, Head of Media Tablet BU, Technicolor/Thomson;Global VP, APAC Product Management, Technicolor/ Thomson (2004-2015); Excellent innovation initiatives, both from technical perspective (40+ issued patents) and business perspective (many successful innovation initiatives)
  4. Phillips@mail.com
    Xinghua (Edward) Wang
    Co-Founder, Director
    Senior product development expert
  5. Phillips@mail.com
    Yong Zhao
    Co-Founder, Director
    BD and public relations
  6. Phillips@mail.com
    Yao Wang
    Director, VP APAC, Lab Director
    Product development
Rome wasn't built in a day. We execute SPREV initiative in 3 phases throughout 2016-2020.



2019 - 

bike paths
Expansion to parking lots, driveways...
Expansion to highway