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The Solar Compass

Solar Compass at TRU

In October 2017 Thompson Rivers University and Solar Earth Technologies installed the “Solar Compass” outside of the Arts and Education building on TRU campus.

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SET Delivered First Solar Road in North America

3 men standing on solar sidewalk at TRU

(By Yong Zhao July 31, 2017)
In July 2017, Solar Earth Technologies (SET) teams with Thompson Rivers University (TRU) to launch the North America’s first solar-powered sidewalk installed at TRU. The 16 solar panels produced and donated by Solar Earth Technologies now has been installed on a 40-foot stretch of sidewalk on the campus. The two-phased Solar Compass solar roadway project on the campus will showcase SET’s Amber-I technology and promote the sustainability initiative and smart road concept.
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Trial Site for China’s First Operational Solar Road

(By Yong Zhao June 05, 2017)
In May 2017, SET’s 100% subsidiary, Chongqing DaoNeng Technologies, has successfully delivered a solar sidewalk in Beijing, China, in collaboration with Beijing Hua Sheng Xing Science and Technologies and Chongqing Jiaotong University. The launch of this trial site represents China’s first operational Solar Road. The pavement of this solar sidewalk used SET’s Amber-I technology.

Solar sidewalk

SET Meets TRU Solar Compass Team and Visits Site

Junbiao Zhang

(By Yong Zhao April 11, 2016)
SET executives meet TRU Compass Team on TRU campus. Dr. Michael Mehta, the project manager, introduces the team to SET and the both sides are enthusiastic and passionate for launching the Solar Compass Project. SET CEO, Junbiao Zhang, updates the products readiness status and conducts a site survey. Both sides have a thorough discussion about the issues on engineering, construction, safety and logistics etc.

Solar Compass Project Moves Ahead

(By Yong Zhao March 06, 2016)
Thompson Rivers University (TRU) will soon showcase a transformative new “solar roadway” technology so new that it may be the first in Canada. The Solar Compass project will receive sufficient funding from the TRU Sustainability Grant Fund and their project will now go ahead. Solar Earth Technologies (SET) provides the underlying technology and the product modules used in the Solar Compass project. SET will donate the solar modules for the pilot project at TRU and provide ongoing consultation on installation and maintenance. The company has also partnered with the School of Engineering at UBC Okanagan for engineering trials.

SET Launches Tests and Campus Trial with UBCO
A New Milestone

 (By Yong Zhao December 04, 2015)
SET CEO Jason Wang meets Dr. Liwei Wang and his Capstone Project team of UBC School of Engineering in Okanagan. According to an agreement entered by SET and UBC Okanagan, the Capstone team will conduct systematic lab tests on the mechanical and electric performances of SET’s Solar Sidewalk product line, and build an actual demo system that connects a solar sidewalk segment to an inverter.

Men at meeting

SET Visits TRU Campus in Kamloops

2 men standing together smiling

(By Yong Zhao December 04, 2015 )
SET CEO Jason Wang and Dr. Michael D. Mehta, leader of TRU (Thompson Rivers University) Solar Compass project, in front of the Arts and Education (AE) Building. The Solar Compass project would expand TRU’s solar presence by incorporating SET’s solar roads technology and components to renovate the plaza in front of the AE Building [N 50 40.269, W 120 21.884] and produce about 10 KW solar power for the AE Building. The project, once accomplished, would be Canada’s first solar road in practical use that verifies the engineering maturity of SET’s Solar Sidewalk product line. The TRU Solar Compass project is expected to last through 2016.3 – 2017.2.

SET in Partnership with UBCO on R&D Funding Applications

Aerial view of Okanagan Lake toward bridge

(By Yong Zhao September 25, 2015)
SET (Solar Earth Technologies) has entered a strategic partnership with School of Engineering of UBC Okanagan Campus on research and innovation for Solar-Powered Roadways and Electric Vehicles initiative. In a recent meeting held on the Campus both parties agreed to provide mutual support to each party’s effort on funding applications, including SDTC, ICE and NSERC etc. Key areas and topics of investigation, milestones, and timelines were discussed and determined. A capstone project is also designed to build and operate Canada’s first solar sidewalk in the UBCO campus.

SET Invites City of Kelowna to Participate in Sidewalk Pilot

Aerial view of Okanagan Lake toward bridge

(By Yong Zhao September 18, 2015)
SET CEO Jason Wang visited City of Kelowna to introduce the innovative solar sidewalk that the company is developing in Kelowna in partnership with UBCO and FortisBC, and invited the city to join its pilot run. 

SET CEO Jason Wang meets with BC Ministry of Tech and UBCO

(By Yong Zhoa July 7, 2015)
Arranged by BC Ministry of Technology, Innovation & Citizens’ Services, SET CEO Jason Wang and VP Yong Zhao met with professors from the School of Engineering at UBC Okanagan Campus, on July 7, 2015.  UBCO researchers and SET explored the potential to work together to tackle the scientific/engineering challenges in the following four areas:  1. New design of optic layer with mechanical and optical characteristics that meet the requirements of solar roads. 2. New semiconductor materials for PV layer of solar roads to have a wide spectrum of weather/radiation adaption. 3. Novel mechanisms for high-efficiency EV charging in motion. 4. Solar road system design, civil engineering, and integration to grid infrastructure.  UBCO and SET will work together to apply for funding at all levels in order to finance the research works.