Our Team

Board of Directors

head shot of Meng Wang (man)

Meng Wang  (Founder & Executive Chairman)

Meng is the former VP and Director of Research and Innovation at Thomson/Technicolor for Great China. He has a further 10 years of intensive experience in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, including development in the areas of PV materials research, fabrication, and PV project deployment. Meng has lead 3 startups to successful exits.

Headshot of Brian Johnson (man)

Brian Johnson  (Co-Founder & Director)

Brian has been a practicing lawyer for over 25 years and acts as General Counsel for S.E.T.  Brian has specialized in the commercialization of intellectual property and co-founded the Canadian Legal Television Network in 2000. He is an active volunteer at the local national and international levels of amateur sport specializing in policy and governance.

headshot of Peter Bradshaw (man)

Peter Bradshaw  (Director)

Peter has been an internationally recognized leader in the mining industry from discovery to taking companies public. He is a company builder, and Founder of Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals and Mining at the University of British Columbia. Peter was inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in 2015.

Head shot of Dan Nanson (man)

Dan Nanson  (Director)

Dan is a financial professional with an extensive background in power and utilities. He was previously with UK based Centrica plc, where he was focused on the financing of large scale, renewable energy projects. More recently, Dan was Head of Power & Utilities at MUFG Bank Canada. Dan holds the Canadian CPA (CA) and AMCT (UK) designations.

headshot of Yong Chai (man)

Yong Chai  (Director)

Yong is the CEO of S.E.T. China having served in several leadership roles at Technicolor, Greater China. A trained telecoms engineer, Yong has a background in both R&D and customer management. Yong has successfully implemented product and business development projects for innovative technologies with a global scope.


head shot of Meng Wang (man)

Meng Wang  (Executive Chairman / Acting CEO)
Meng is the former VP and Director of Research and Innovation at Thomson/Technicolor for Greater China and possesses expertise in signal processing, semiconductor & materials, renewable energy, and high-performance systems. Meng has 10 years of experience in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, which includes working with development in all areas from PV materials to PV systems. Beyond his general, oversight duties as board chair, Meng directs and supervises the company’s basic research and innovation activities.

Headshot of Brian Johnson (man)

Brian Johnson  (General Counsel and Managing Director)
A practicing lawyer for over 25 years and acting General Counsel for Solar Earth, Brian has advised small and medium sized firms in all aspects of business law with a focus on the protection and commercialization of intellectual property. He is an active volunteer at the local, national and international levels of amateur sport, specializing in policy and governance. Brian manages the day to day business operations at Solar Earth Technologies and at it’s wholly owned subsidiary, Solar Earth Solutions.

headshot of Yong Chai (man)

Yong Chai  (Acting COO / Managing Director, Greater China)
Yong is a trained telecommunications engineer with a strong background in both research and development and customer management. His professional experience includes leadership roles at Technicolor where he developed and successfully implemented several projects of technical innovation and at a global level. During his career Yong has worked to establish strong industrial networks and partnerships by developing whole product supply chain. Yong is CEO of SET China with overall responsibility for operations throughout Greater China.

head shot of man in suit jacket

Dr. Michael Whitwick  (Chief Technology Officer)
Michael has over 18 years experience in R&D in novel, semi-conductor materials and in bringing innovative technologies to market. He has engaged in R&D at UBC, EPFL, and several well-known, clean-tech start-ups. Michael executes his crucial functions of leadership, resource management and mentoring of colleagues to successfully lead all research programs at Solar Earth.

Oliver Zimmermann  (VP Product Development)
Oliver is a creative and technically diverse product engineer with extensive experience in industrial commercialization. Overseeing the larger research and development team in Vancouver, he is responsible for all aspects of development and design for SET’s North American product line. Oliver has a pragmatic approach along with a versatile knowledge base and has been involved in all phases of Solar Earth’s product innovation and implementation process.

headshot of Yao Wang (man in white shirt)

Yao Wang  (VP Product Development, Greater China)
Yao is Solar Earth’s lab director in Chongqing and responsible for component development and design for Greater China. His role includes ensuring that the structural design and material innovations meet the robust encapsulation and electrical safety requirements for solar road technology. Yao has an education and background in business administration which includes his own successful online business venture.

headshot of Xing Wei (woman)

Xing Wei  (Director Operations, Greater China)
Xing has been working in the technology and consumer electronics sector within a multi-cultural setting for almost 20 years. With more than 10 years of leadership experience in the areas of strategic planning, product development processes, program delivery, quality assurance, supply chain management, and operations, she brings expertise in comprehensive customer service expertise with a global focus. Xing holds an MBA from Peking University along with PgMP and ASQ certification designations.