Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

At Solar Earth we are building novel solar systems for walkways, driveways, patios, roofs and roadways. Our Amber One™ product line features application-specific modules that are mounted directly on flat concrete, or on an interface layer that provides levelling and cabling functionality. The Solar Stone™ units are surface-mounted on concrete or recycled plastic pavers. The Amber Interface™ layer provides a low-cost mounting solution that is optionally available with a hydronic sub-system used in solar thermal applications. Amber ICE™ modules are available with an electric de-icing capability.

Any system may be bought with or without the balance of system components required to deliver the electric and thermal energy to your home, office, electric vehicle or custom application.


Amber One™ Panels have been installed in Canada, China and the United States. They can be mounted either directly to concrete, asphalt, or on top of the optional Amber Interface™ Layer.

ground-mounted solar panel array
Panels directly adhered to concrete. Aluminum edging optional.
ground-mounted solar panel
Solar Earth 80 watt Amber One™ sidewalk panel with an Amber Interface™ 25 layer and edge ramp

The Amber Interface™ provides top-mounted installation for existing surfaces. Interface panels are built with an integrated pathway for cables and (optionally) hydronic tubing. The Amber Interface™ is available in various depths starting at 25mm.


The Solar Stone™ series is now being released to select partners. They provide an excellent low voltage solution for application on top of contoured (or flat) surfaces. High efficiency (22%) crystalline solar cells deliver system level power output of 130 watts per square meter (under standard test conditions). Solar Stone™ are available with an optional de-icing feature.

Solar Stone™ pavers with de-icing technology
rendered image of solar stone system
Solar Stone™ system using one-cell and two-cell pavers

The Solar Stone™ is designed for aesthetically pleasing results on uneven terrain.

brick with solar cell surface
Solar Stone™ with Glass/Poly traction layer
glass-poly traction layer
Glass-poly traction layer

The Solar Stone™ system can be installed with a selection of traction surfaces. More efficient but more fragile tempered glass surfaces are designed for residential applications. Heavy duty glass-polymer surfaces are recommended for public installations

Hybrid Systems

Solar Earth hybrid systems combine photo-voltaic output with solar thermal and de-icing options.

The Amber X Therm™ Panels produce 200 watts of solar thermal energy for every 100 watts of electricity. Thermal pickup is provided by our hydronic underlay systems.

Amber X Therm™ on aluminum spreader plate with pex channels
solar cell panel for ground mounting
Amber ICE™ prototype

Amber X Therm™ Panels provide de-icing capability when coupled with the hydronic subsystem. Alternatively, our Amber ICE™ Panels use low voltage power to electrically heat the solar modules.

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