Paving Integrated Photovoltaic Infrastructure

Solar Earth was founded in July 2015 in Vancouver Canada by a group of scientists, engineers, roadway experts, and entrepreneurs. Our vision is to lead the way in helping the world reduce their carbon footprint through paving integrated photovoltaic solutions.

Our Team is Always

Technology Focused

At Solar Earth, we build hardened solar panels and associated systems for installation into pavement-integrated arrays. Solar panels that can withstand pedestrian, bicycle, or automobile traffic demand a level of protection not typically found in rack-mounted solutions. The hardware and electronic requirements for these systems are also significantly more stringent than conventionally encountered. We have developed, tested, and re-developed several novel solutions.

Douglas Matthews

CEO and Director

Douglas has been involved with the company since its earliest days as an investor, advisor, and active business collaborator. He brings to SET his over 25 years experience in effectively growing global revenues as the owner of several successful start-up businesses.

head shot of Meng Wang (man)

Meng Weng

Founder & Executive Chairman

Meng is the former VP and Director of Research and Innovation at Thomson / Technicolor for Great China. He has a further 10 years of intensive experience in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, including development in the areas of PV materials research, fabrication, and PV project deployment. Meng has lead 3 startups to successful exits.

Headshot of Brian Johnson (man)

Brian Johnson

Co-Founder & Director

Brian has been a practicing lawyer for over 25 years and acts as General Counsel for S.E.T. Brian has specialized in the commercialization of intellectual property and co-founded the Canadian Legal Television Network in 2000. He is an active volunteer at the local national and international levels of amateur sport specializing in policy and governance.

Head shot of Dan Nanson (man)

Dan Nanson


Dan is a financial professional with an extensive background in power and utilities. He was previously with UK based Centrica plc, where he was focused on the financing of large scale, renewable energy projects. More recently, Dan was Head of Power & Utilities at MUFG Bank Canada. Dan holds the Canadian CPA (CA) and AMCT (UK) designations.

headshot of Peter Bradshaw (man)

Peter Bradshaw


Peter has been an internationally recognized leader in the mining industry from discovery to taking companies public. He is a company builder, and Founder of Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals and Mining at the University of British Columbia. Peter was inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in 2015.

head shot of man in suit jacket

Dr. Michael Whitwick

Chief Technology Officer

Michael has over 18 years experience in R&D in novel, semi-conductor materials and in bringing innovative technologies to market. He has engaged in R&D at UBC, EPFL, and several well-known, clean-tech start-ups. Michael executes his crucial functions of leadership, resource management and mentoring of colleagues to successfully lead all research programs at Solar Earth.

Dr. Li Ningyuan

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Li has immense knowledge of pavement asset management technologies, including pavement structural and functional designs, high-speed road condition survey and data collection technologies, road asset performance evaluation and road network maintenance and rehabilitation programs, road construction technologies, and quality management.

Our Partners

Urban Racks

We have worked closely with Urban Racks and have collaborated with them in creating various projects such as our solar-powered e-bike charging station. 


Solar Earth has a long history of research collaboration with the University of British Columbia, a world-class research institute with faculties from both Vancouver and Okanagan Campuses. This collaboration has involved a wide range of projects from integrated Solar Roads + EV charging solutions, development of crucial electronics for ground-based solar, modular material optimization, to in-depth investigation of cutting-edge photovoltaic materials.

Chongqing Jiaotong University

Chongqing Jiaotong University (CQJTU) is one of the leading Universities in China specializing in road and transportation science and engineering. The SET-CQJTU collaboration focuses on development, testing and standardization of solar road pavement and maintenance of solar roads and solar road technology for extreme climates


Solar Earth is actively engaged in collaborative research with Simon Fraser University (SFU), one of the leading industrial-focused universities in Canada with excellent nanofabrication expertise and facilities. This research collaboration focuses on the development of novel photovoltaic cells for solar roads as well as for generic solar applications.

Yitong Daoneng

Yitong Daoneng (YTDN) is our JV Affiliate that is registered in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. YTDN was established to pursue large state and national government customers for Solar Earth.