Chongqing Lab

Chongqing Lab: Advanced Materials and Modules for Road Pavement

  • Binders and aggregates for solar roads pavement
  • Thermoplastic and theromosetting materials
  • Packaging, encapsulation, and molding processes
  • Structure, industry design, and customization
  • Characterization, test and benchmark 

SET Chongqing Lab was founded in February 2016 with the mission of researching and developing materials and processes for making modules suitable for solar road pavement. The Chongqing Lab also develops and customizes solar road products at the modular level for contracted clients.

The Innovation Park where the Chongqing Lab is located

Our team at Chongqing Lab

Road pavement experiment

SET solar road modules undergo a heavy-duty rolling test at
Chongqing Jiaotong University.

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