At Solar Earth we are building hardened solar panels and associated systems for installation into ground mounted arrays. Solar panels that can withstand pedestrian, bicycle or automobile traffic demand a level of protection not typically found in rack-mounted solutions. The hardware and electronic requirements for these systems are also significantly more stringent than conventionally encountered. We have developed, tested and re-developed several novel solutions… 

  • Panels that can be glued to a concrete or asphalt substrate.
  • Panels that can be installed on top of existing infrastructure without modification.
  • Hybrid panels that generate both thermal and electrical energy.
  • Panels that can be used for walkways or patios that include ice melting technology.
  • Panel systems that are integrated with electric vehicle charging technology.

In addition to these engineered solutions to module-level solar power problems, we are aggressively pursuing cell-level research. Our “G3” program is exploring novel ways to significantly improve the energy density of solar solutions. Some of the progress we are making with this research is at a semiconductor level, and some if it comes from novel approaches to cell integration techniques.

 Solar Earth is “on the road” to expanding the deployment opportunities for solar energy systems at a minimum possible cost per watt