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ParkMyFleet Joins Forces with Great Plains Industrial Park and Solar Earth Technologies to Build America’s First Net Zero Industrial Park

ESI africa

Solar Earth was at Enlit Africa 2022, where our South African colleague Bradley Eachus discussed how our tough solar panels can help solve energy challenges in Africa!

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loving malta solar earth article

From Rooftops To The Floor, New Ground-Based Solar Panel Concept Hopes To Change The Game

A Maltese renewable energy company has launched a product that could take the country’s reliance on solar energy to the next level by installing solar panels on the ground itself…

SP Solar Earth Podcast Episode

Solar Earth Technologies - Solar Power 2.0 Talking With CFO Anders Kruus

The next phase of solar power technology is fast approaching. Our focus in today’s podcast will be what lies ahead specifically in the field of photovoltaics embedded in existing infrastructure: sidewalks, driveways, trails, garage roofs and more. It’s coming fast.

solar intersecction project tampa fl

Tampa Bay has taken a historic step to replace its aging backup generators with solar power pavement

The project will sheath 90 feet of sidewalk near a busy intersection with a one-centimeter thick array of solar cells enclosed in a resilient mix of plastic polymers. This tiny patch of urban infrastructure will generate about 4,956 kWh of energy per year…