Paving Integrated Solar Power Generation

Solar Earth Panels

The Solar Power Solution for All Surfaces

Solar Earth panels provides the ideal surface power solution. Its versatility and resiliency are perfect in both urban and rural environments, utilizing surfaces to produce energy without compromising their existing use. Power generation close to the load demand reduces distribution challenges and minimizes losses.

It is a revolutionary hardened solar panel with applications including integration into sidewalks, trails, bike paths, driveways and parking lots. It supports pedestrians, bicycles, and moderate vehicle traffic while generating power. Solar Earth panels adapt urban spaces to provide clean and resilient power.

The Solar Earth Advantage

Versatile & Cost Effective

Lowering insurance costs, minimized theft and damage risks provide substantial savings over the system’s 15-year life cycle.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance and cleaning is simple, with minimal expertise, no different than your current paved spaces.

Modular & Scalable

The system is expandable to meet load demand and is connected in series or parallel depending on need.

Secure & Durable

All hardware, wiring, and electronics are hidden and covered, making the system highly secure from theft and damage.

Withstand up to 5 Tons

Load bearing ability of up to 5 tons means cars, trucks, trailers, bikes and people can all use your power integrated pathways and roads.

  • 1.5 MW per 10km of sidewalk (1.2m wide)
  • 128 kW per 1km x 1.2m
  • 130 Wp per Sqm
Our modular design allows for direct integration into existing infrastructure.
Replace diesel backup power and meet your net-zero energy goals for microgrids, traffic controls, security, and more.

Rugged, safe, and skid resistant. Able to withstand up to 5 tons of weight and harsh weather conditions.

Turn-Key Solar Power Generation Solutions

Solar Earth’s expert personnel have been implementing paving integrated PV power generation solutions since 2015. The technology offers turnkey solutions for all aspects of the paving integrated PV power generation solution; from system design, material procurement, project management, to installation.

EV / LEV Charging

Presents an excellent opportunity to produce clean energy for our transportation needs, making EV/ LEVs end-to-end environmentally positive.

Renewable Energy In Your Home

Achieves clean, renewable energy for your home by replacing fossil fuel-powered systems such as space heating, water heating, cooking and laundry with solar power and can qualify you for rebates and tax breaks.

Traffic Infrastructure

Solar power energy for streetlights or traffic lights without invading landscape or agricultural areas. Installing paving integrated solar panels over the tarmac into existing roads.

Safety & Security

Paving integrated solar panels are secured to the ground preventing vandalism while seamlessly integrating in the environment and existing infrastructure.

Walkway Lighting

Paving integrated solar enhances security measures in an environmentally friendly way by reducing the risks associated with dark streets.

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Solar Sidewalk Tampa Florida

Install our Solar Panels into any Surface

Solar Earth has years of experience integrating Solar Power generation in Roads, Sidewalks, Bike-paths, Decks, Patios, and many more surfaces.
The Solar Earth panels are designed with a low profile for easy installation onto the existing paving, in addition to precast concrete or polymer construction solutions.

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