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We transform everyday infrastructure into a source of revenue-generating solar energy for a Net Zero world.

Human beings have spent a long time paving over the Earth. Solar Earth now transforms those surfaces into the toughest, most versatile sources of solar energy yet made.

Solar Earth embeds solar cells — those oh-so-delicate eggshells so easy to break — into a rock-hard surface. It allows us to “solarize” sidewalks, roads, parking lots, rooftops, docks and more by putting solar cells inside that infrastructure.

It’s a breakthrough that captures the power of the sun to “solarize” infrastructure, to help us fight climate change and get us to a Net Zero future.

  • 1.5 MW per 10km of sidewalk (1.2m wide)
  • 128 kW per 1km x 1.2m
  • 130 Wp per Sqm

Our modular design allows for direct integration into existing infrastructure.


Replace diesel backup power and meet your net-zero energy goals for microgrids, traffic controls, security, and more.


Rugged, safe, and skid resistant. Able to withstand up to 5 tons of weight and harsh weather conditions.

The Toughest Solar on Earth

It works everywhere.

Want to test Solar Earth at your front door, on a parking lot, see if it holds up to a passing elephant herd or can withstand the blast of a sandstorm or blizzard?

Bring it on. Solar Earth doesn't break.


A new form of solar power

North America’s first viable paving integrated photovoltaic solution is here to revolutionize the way the world generates clean energy.

Transform any ground surface into a robust dual-use electricity generating surface that runs on renewable solar energy.

Solar Earth panels take traditional sunk costs and provide a return on investment, making these dual-use, revenue-generating surfaces.

Enjoy limitless integrated renewable energy

Install our solar panels onto any surface

Solar Earth’s network of knowledgeable installers can deliver years of renewable clean energy production right under your feet.

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Solar Earth Turn-Key Power Generation Solutions

Enjoy LIMITLESS integrated renewable energy.
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Transform patios, driveways or rooftops into a source of solar electricity to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs.



Charge cars, bicycles, scooters and more on a Solar Earth pad or parking station.

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Aviation + Transportation Hubs

Put Solar Earth on the vast tracts of underutilized land, roofs and parking lots to generate green energy and reduce the carbon footprint of air travel, drones and transportation.


Ports + Shipping

Solar Earth-topped staging areas, roofs and containers can become solar power generators, helping the global shipping industry meet Net Zero targets.



Solar Earth -topped sidewalks, public squares and buildings allow urban areas to generate green energy and revenue to finance infrastructure and meet clean power targets for a Net Zero world.



Warehouse roofs, parking lots and even pipeline corridors can benefit from using Solar Earth panels.



No matter how remote or weather-challenged, Solar Earth-powered infrastructure can generate electricity and mitigate the need for diesel and other fossil fuels or reduce reliance on unstable grids.

forgotten places

Forgotten places

Solar Earth panels can power cell towers and water pumps, electrify remote villages or shipping containers turned into offices for entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia and South America. We bring solar power everywhere.

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