solar earth and park my fleet

ParkMyFleet Joins Forces with GPIP and Solar Earth to Build America’s First Net Zero Industrial Park

Parsons, Kansas  (October 12, 2022) ParkMyFleet, an innovative US mobility company, is excited to announce its partnership with Great Plains Industrial Park (GPIP) in southeast Kansas, the United States’ first Net Zero industrial park.

ParkMyFleet is also collaborating on this initiative with Solar Earth Technologies, which manufactures “the world’s toughest solar,” a new form of solar power that can be placed on parking lots, sidewalks and other infrastructure such as truck depots.

“ParkMyFleet is proud to be a part of this ground-breaking effort,” said Mike Landau, CEO and founder of ParkMyFleet. “We are a natural partner and aim to be a solution to help GPIP decarbonize its operations and make the United States’ transportation systems more sustainable.”

“We see solar power as part of this solution,” Landau added. “Together, ParkMyFleet and Solar Earth can explore innovative ways of getting completely sustainable electricity from solar energy.”

ParkMyFleet will have a 30-acre lot at GPIP and will initially service ICE vehicles with fueling and truck scales to weigh freight loads. The company will also help fleets in their transition to more sustainable fuels — including electrification and hydrogen.

“The United States is emerging as a world leader in the move to a net zero world,” said Solar Earth CEO Douglas Matthews: “We believe our new form of solar power, which turns traditional infrastructure into a renewable energy micro-grid, will pave the way to that future as we work with ParkMyFleet and the United States’ first net zero industrial park.”

GPIP boasts 6,800 acres of contiguous land that is ready for redevelopment. It also has more than 870,000 square feet of available warehouse space. The industrial park’s goal is to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions across normal business operations in order to achieve a net zero status.

The ultimate goal of ParkMyFleet will be to ensure that transportation fleets that go in — and out of — GPIP can be carbon neutral. This initiative is also expected to create local jobs and enable the US to continue to serve as a global leader in transportation innovation.

“This is an important partnership for the Kansas Proving Grounds at the Great Plains Industrial Park, the state of Kansas and America’s leadership in a sustainable future,” said Brad Reams, Director of GPIP. “Transportation is vital to the United States’ economy and its future. By bringing these two innovative companies to Kansas, the very heart of America, we are fast-tracking innovation in net zero technologies.”

ParkMyFleet offers end-to-end fleet services at its mobility hubs — to fleets of varying sizes — across the US. It will meet the needs of fleets as they electrify and modernize, offering such services as grid-independent EV charging stations, drone delivery services and autonomous vehicle support.

“This project is just so exciting on so many levels,” said Kristin Slanina, Chief Innovation Officer of ParkMyFleet. “The opportunities are endless and GPIP will serve as a destination to test and deploy sustainable transportation innovations as we build ParkMyFleet locations in Kansas and across the United States.”